Hangzhou Sheng storage equipment limited is a set of systems planning, design, manufacturing installation and after-sales service for professional logistics and warehousing equipment design and manufacturing company, and company has opened cold rolling, bending, stamping, molding, welding, automated spray line six workshops. Currently in the country is a collection development, design, manufacture and sales of professional manufacturing industry workshops, warehouses with light, medium and heavy shelves, non standard shelves, containers and storage logistics facilities of the modern factory. Our company can provide first-class design and planning, have the most cost-effective products and the most perfect service. Products produced include: light, medium and heavy storage shelves, mobile shelving, pallet rack, instrument cabinets, chain and roller conveyors, automatic stacker, pallet, plastic utensils and other products of logistics. Products are widely used in appliances, hardware, machinery, electronics, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, railways, terminals, supermarkets, pharmaceutical, textile, petrochemical, education, financial and other industries.

the company has experienced engineers, technicians, production workers ' skills are up to national standards. "The quality in mind, is weightier than mount Tai", we try our best to provide customers with comprehensive logistics solutions and first-class service and sincere, pragmatic service philosophy has won the majority of customers trust and praise.

company products was: Shanghai Volkswagen, and Faw, and leap group, and Haier Group, and Iraq Rai grams Republika, and Panda group, and Motorola, and Siemens, and ya GE,, and Ningbo wave guide phone, and Ningbo Bell sent group, and Red-crowned cranes clothing, and rain run Group, and Red cattle group, and Ningbo party too kitchen, and pioneer electrical group, and China three letter, and are Thai group, domestic large enterprise and the transnational group in China investment of many enterprise by accept, by consistent praise.

here, you will find that not only can we solve your human, material and other logistics requirements, which can save you more money.