Position: Accounting The number of: 1 people
Requirements: Job responsibilities: 1, various financial documents registration, preparation, storage; 2, capital planning and control of the operation; 3, all types of external auditing of financial documents, bills, 4, is responsible for the preparation of the financial statements; 5, economic analysis, rationalization proposals; 6, regularly reporting all kinds of financial and tax reports and submit tax and so on. Requirements: 1, accounting, accounting title is preferred; 2, work carefully and responsibility; 3, good computer skills, be familiar with financial software.

Position: Marketing Manager The number of: 2 people
Requirements: 1, hard-working, responsible, team player. 2, shelf business experience, male or female. 3, 3 years or above relevant experience. 4, has the ability to lead the team to develop. You like challenges, then you come to challenge high salary, I believe you pay, will get you in the return.

Position: Marketing staff The number of: 4 people
Requirements: 1, hard working, positive and optimistic; 2, language ability, and full of friendly; 3, are familiar with the basic knowledge of computer operations and network applications 4, there are some telemarketing sales experience is preferred.