Placed storage shelves design

       painting warehouse shelf placed schematic is a headache of thing, at least for I for is such, because it not heap some from shaped or round to on can of. It also to calculation this space up can put how many shelf, it also to consider reality life in the of some actual operation in the encountered problem. a not reasonable of design planning for yihou actual operation is trouble of.  

      how calculation this warehouse can placed up shelf, first we to calculation out actual available of length, width. in calculation of when we must to consider door, pillars and it not with of place. then to know shelf of length and width, also to know shelf and shelf Zhijian of channel distance. General,: by wall of this side usually are is put single row shelf, And not by wall is put double row shelf. assumed we warehouse of long is CL, and shelf of width HL, shelf and shelf Zhijian of channel of width is TL, so calculation of formula is   column number =[CL-2* (HL+TL)]/(2HL+TL) +2, on both sides are is single row of. to wants to calculation this space up can put how many shelf, we can with most effective is most stupid of approach, on two a programme are do do to, then number a number, which up on with which programme, For shelf placement vertically placed but placed sideways. of course, I also believe that there must be a formula that could not do two. but I am lazy.

      in warehouse shelf placed design in the, some people often focused on up can put how many a shelf (put of shelf more more, warehouse of utilization on more high) and for actual operation of feasibility and the convenient sex is will often was ignored. and led painting of drawings not qualified. like by wall of side only put single row shelf is actual operation feasibility of is, if by wall of side put double row words, so in row of shelf on cannot put into products to , Out to also will very difficult. and not by wall put single row shelf on will caused too big of waste space. because each row shelf are to has distance of. General of distance to left 1 m, minimum also to left 0.8M. solution this design figure collection not qualified of method is drawings painting good Hou zhihou, carefully seriously consider inside of things access party not convenient, past of distance and has more far. Middle has no what column like of document with, Good bad or open the door to the warehouse. identifier does not comply with the fire safety needs. If these problems are addressed, the eligible when drawing.  

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