Used pallet rack safety

      1, heavy-duty shelves to prevent top-heavy: should senior light cargoes, the underlying principles of heavy cargo.  

2, pallet rack used to overload-proof: storage of maximum load of each layer shall not exceed rack weight design.

3, heavy-duty shelves to resist Super high and width: shelf height, width restriction, dimensions of the pallets and cargo net space should be slightly smaller than the 100mm.

4, racking to resist shock: forklift truck in the process, try to gently.

5, heavy-duty shelves to be placed above the shelf goods, operators try not to go directly to the bottom shelf.

6, pallet rack used to prevent using standard platform Board (boards) on the shelf, most suitable at the end of the word.

   When you are using pallet rack, when more than eight metres high, a special attention is that it needs to have the appropriate machinery.

due to the total area required, so the storage density is smaller than other systems.

heavy duty height adjustable shelves, equipped with various models of forklift trucks and stackers, heavy duty rack for all trays of fast access, unit up to  2000KG , and is the most commonly used are stored in various industries. Each tray can be individually deposited or moved without moving other pallets. Can adapt to all types of shelves. Heavy duty rack according to the size of requirements, adjust the beam height. Circulation of goods, load and unload quickly. Equipment the simplest, lowest cost, rapid installation and remove and install.

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