Discussion on the structural characteristics of a variety of storage shelves

     in General, light warehouse racking, medium warehouse shelves, storage shelves for heavy warehouse shelves are common. The structural characteristics of the storage shelves mainly has following several aspects:  

first to said of is light warehouse shelf, it of structure features is: universal angle column, plug received assembled type structure, warehouse shelf can free combination, General for steel business layer Board, layer high each 50 cm any can adjustable, installation demolition simple, shape lightweight beautiful, artificial access goods, often for store light small items, and it of funds input less, can widely for electronic, and light, and supermarket, and educational, industry.

for medium warehouse shelf for, this class warehouse shelf of structure features: plug received combined structure, standard group plug component, without a star connection bolt, warehouse shelf installation demolition convenient quickly, layer Board for cut, and folding processing and into of super strong closed steel layer Board, and layer Board following spot has strengthening reinforced or added fill strong rod, layer high each 50 cm any can adjustable, unit shelf each layer load can reached 400 kg, party type column, positive punching number less, makes warehouse shelf more explicit solid elegant, widely application Yu industries.

last to said of is heavy warehouse shelf structure features, it is a plug received combination beam type of put Board shelf, belongs to stepped type beam, General can configuration steel layer Board or wood pressure layer Board, layer high each 50 mm any can adjustable, unit shelf each layer load can up 800 kg, specifications size can by customer needs tailored, this species warehouse shelf of structure features for application Yu manufacturing, industry.  

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