Successful management shelves ten standards

        at the time of display shelves, pay attention to the different types of product display, as far as possible into categories. If the product is placed horizontally, then the products of the same brand and specification should be placed on both sides; if it is placed vertically, then the products of the same brand and specification should be placed. This exhibition aims to cover in order to build a solid brand, strengthening the brand's Visual impact.   

      in product merchandising display when the salesperson should always note that competing brands on the shelves will have its corresponding display location, the right choice is: unnecessary removal of competitive brand shelves, but is seeking to have an advantage over competitors position, display area should be at least of the market share.   

      successful shelf management should meet the following criteria:   

(1) within the target product distribution to the target retail stores;   

(2) distributing new products to target retail stores;   

(3) in-store product can often be effectively improved;   

(4) the product must be kept clean, neatly;   

(5) Web products on the shelves, put the product on shelves, after new product display shelves in Hangzhou (FIFO);   

(6) product should be put forward positive;   

(7) increase reasonable display and use the company's Products;   

(8) to prevent counterfeiting, imitation products around the next;   

(9) retail management in place;   

(10) implementation of gold exhibition standards.

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