Warehouses of several storage shelves

warehouse storage flat stereo store to store to top development since the shelf be subject to warehouse. Meet the functional requirements of the various forms of the shelves consists of a wide variety of automation and mechanization warehouse has become a warehouse logistics as a whole system or an important link in the production process.

pallet racking

pallet to pallet storage unit, together with the tunnel-type stacker and other storage and transportation machinery to work. Top shelf used an integral structure, usually made of strips of steel welded shelves (trays), connecting elements, such as horizontal, vertical rod and beam. Side clearance 6, consider parking precision of the goods in the original location, Stacker stop-bit precision, Stacker and shelf installation accuracy of goods bearing width of  . Must be greater than the convex side clearance, on one side to protect the goods in an unsupported state.

gravity rack

gravity rack for each stock is a stock with a certain slope slide. People crane mounted cargo units under the weight of the slide automatically moved from the storage end-to-end until the slide out side until the unit stops or the scope of existing goods. Located on the slide out side first out after crane took its cargo unit, behind it the various cargo units will in turn under the action of gravity to end of the shelf. In order to reduce the friction between containers and shelves, the stock slide is provided with castors or rollers.

drive-in racking

drive-in racking in the same space than conventional pallet racking almost 1 time times the storage capacity, since in the tunnel between the rows of shelves, merging the shelf together, making the same layer, the same list of tongue.


This is a simple shelf to make full use of space. On existing shelves built a loft or workplace to increase storage space. On the attic floor and can be lightly foam and small pieces of goods or goods with longer storage, forklift, conveyor belts, elevators, electric hoist or lift lifting goods. Loft light towing trolley car or tray is usually used on the job.

-screen hang rack

-screen hang rack by a hundred-page hanging and hanging box, apply to multiple varieties or specifications of a variety of small parts storage can also be arranged on carts or pallets, processes temporary storage or assembly lines feed.

mobile rack

mobile rack is easy to control, safe and reliable. Each shelf has a motor-driven by devices on the shelf under the rollers move along the track laying in the ground. Its strengths are improved space utilization, a passage to a set of shelves, stationary pallets shelves of a passage, only services on the channels on either side of the two rows of shelves. So in the same space, mobile shelf fixed storage capacity of shelves is much higher.

Open Mobile rack

open shelves mobile shelving its drive mechanism in the base in the Panel located at the ends of shelf, simple and convenient operation. Rack with safety lines before and after the switch, meets obstacles during the entire shelf immediately.  

closed-end mobile rack

closed-end mobile rack when you do not need access to the goods, the shelves move together, all closed, and all the locks. Equipped with rubber seal at the interface shelves, also known as closed-end shelves.

rotating type shelve

Rotary rack is provided with electric drive (drive section can be located at the upper shelves can also be arranged on the shelves in base). Rack consists of two straight segments and two curved segments of circular orbits. By switch or by small computer manipulation. Access when cargo number cargo control panel button input, the goods are automatically rotated to the nearest distance stop picking points. Shorter picking routes, picking efficiency  

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