How much do you know about the shelves you will be working with

  shelf  1 role and function. Shelf concept. It literally refers to store goods shelf shelves. Equipment in the warehouse, shelf refers specifically to store the items of storage devices. Shelves occupy a very important position in the logistics and warehouse, with the development of modern industry, significant increase in volume, to realize the modernization of warehouse management, improve the functioning of the warehouse, shelves requires not only quantity, but also multifunctional and mechanization and automation requirements.  2. Role and function of shelf. Shelves in the modern logistics activities, plays a very important role in modernization of warehouse management, types, functions have a direct relationship with the shelf.   Role and function are the following:  of the shelf (1) shelf was a frame structure, can make full use of storage space, improve storage utilization, expansion of warehouse capacity.   (2) into the shelf goods, squeezing each other, material loss, fully supplies itself functionality, reducing cargo losses.   (3) goods in shelves, easy to access, easy to inventory and metering can be achieved first in, first out.   (4) ensure the quality of stored goods, may take such measures as dampproof, dustproof, theft, tampering, and to improve the quality of material storage.   (5) many new types of rack structure and function contribute to the mechanisation and automation of the warehouse management.  

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