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filed shelf may everyone are has is familiar, from China old of medicine shop in drug Cabinet to modern all kinds of Mall shop in by with of various shelf, to large stereo warehouse in of steel or more advanced of material by made of shelf, are is people by familiar of, but again deep a layer of into to professional of angle, shelf, may on no how many people know has.  

the development of modern logistics, is the emergence and development of warehouse premises, is commensurate with the development of industry, science and technology. Modern mass production, promote socialization and specialization of industrial production, more and more centralized. Production of highly mechanized, automated distribution supplied necessary supplies timely, prompt and accurate. This prompted the rapid development of warehouse technology and has become a symbol of high technology in industry design.

When you save cost, improve the efficiency of these modern management concepts to become managers of primary consideration when and how efficient use of warehouse space, how to increase the volume, also was on an important position. Storage management focus has two directions: one is how to increase the efficient use of the storage space, the second is how to facilitate the flow of goods. Storing goods space that the storage space, although on the surface of this space for storage purposes, but in fact this space for goods procurement marketing and distribution relay stations, so custody has become a center of goods storage and transportation hub in the region. Effective use of storage space has become a Manager and logistics centers of industry efforts to improve an important issue.  

for spatial planning must be classified first, understand the use of each space, then evaluated with respect to the choice of weights, assessment, after comparison of the weight of the design layout. If the planning and design of storage space is limited and cannot be changed, you would seek ways to limit utilization of available storage space. This higher demands on the shelves. The emergence of modern warehouses, promotes the development of the shelf.  

  shelf classification;

shelves on the scale of classification can be divided into the following categories:  

heavy tray shelf: used quality cold rolled plate by roll pressure forming, column can up to 6 meters and middle no seams, beam selection quality party steel, bearing force big, easily deformation, beam and column Zhijian hanging pieces for cylindrical raised insert, connection reliable, and disassembly easy, and using lock nail, case forklift work Shi will beam provoked; all shelf of surface are by pickling, and p of electrostatic spray, process processing, anti-corrosion rust, shape beautiful. Applicable to large warehouses.  

medium shelf: medium shelf chic, reasonable structure, easy to disassemble without screws, and robust, large carrying capacity, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses of enterprises and institutions.  

light duty shelf: light-punching shelf system is a highly versatile structure, which can be widely applied to assemble light rack, Workbench, tool cart, hanging systems, safety fence and the supporting skeleton. Punching angle steel length scale can be fast cutting, use any of the screws to assemble, modify and reinstall so that it can meet the planned to use, and can be used to meet urgent needs.  

attic racking: composite stucture, using materials such as wood, decorative plates, steel plates, floor slab, it can be designed one layer or multi layers, apply to hardware tools. Electronic equipment, mechanical parts and other items packaged parts store, more variety, less bulk goods make full use of space.  

special shelves: including fluent, drum racks, shelves, grid, climb, mesh compartment, six categories.  

on the shelves from usability and appearance characteristics can be divided into the following categories:  

high rack: technology from Germany introduced, Assembly, good, strong carrying capacity and stability characteristics. Shelf material using hot and cold plates.  

corridor racks: designed for storing large quantities of the same kind of pallet goods. Pallet one by one in the depth direction in the support rail, increased storage density, improve space utilization. This shelf storage space typically used in expensive places, such as cold storage, etc. Corridor racks there are 4 basic components: frame, guide, pallet guides and lift rod. This high shelf storage utilization can be achieved first in, first out, or after the advance. Suitable for storage in large quantities, and few varieties goods, batch job. Maximum amount of storage is available in minimum space. In its application, and few varieties goods storage in large quantities. Fork lifter may go into the aisle to access goods, operation is extremely convenient. Demand for machinery and equipment: counter balance forklift or forklifts racking features: suitable for low inventory flow storage; offers 20%-30% optional; used to pick low warehouse. Usage: 60%, high (need to design as set out above)  

cross-beam shelf rack: is the most popular and most economical form of a shelf, safe and convenient, suitable for a variety of warehousing and direct access to the goods. Is the simplest and most widely used shelf. You can make use of the space. Convenient tray access, effective with forklift unloading, greatly improving working efficiency. Machinery and equipment requirements: counter balance forklift or forklifts. Forklift to raise floor space with 30%, working height up to 16 m; racking features: smooth inventory turnover. To fully provide selection capabilities. Improving average collection rate. Providing superior product protection. Usage: 31%, low (needs design as set out above)  

gravity pallet racking: relatively ordinary pallet rack requires no operating channel, it increases space utilization by 60%; tray operation follows the principle of first in, first out; storage automatic Rotary; storage and two separate greatly improving output, because it is a self-gravity makes the goods, and there is no operational channel, it reduces the number of routes and forklift. Shelf on each channel, installed on some slopes, with the track Rails, unit reported as finished goods under the action of gravity, the receipt end to end. Such a warehouse, no homework channel between Pai and Pai, greatly improving the utilization ratio of storehouse area. But when the best goods on the same row, in the same layer, should be for the same goods or a simultaneous inbound and outbound goods. Height adjustable, equipped with various models of forklift truck or stacker, can achieve a variety of trays and quick access unit maximum load up to 5000kg, all walks of life are the most commonly used way of storage.  

cantilever racking: suitable for storing long materials and irregular goods. forward cantilever with compact structure, good carrying capacity, and storage of irregular length or special materials, can greatly increase storage utilization and the efficiency of the work. After increasing the shelf, especially for small space, low height warehouse, easy management, wide vision, compared with conventional shelf rack, more efficient utilization.  

mezzanine: applies to limited space variety, a small number of cases, it can increase the utilization of several times on the current campus, can use lift operations. Composite structure, special light steel floors, low cost, quick construction. According to actual space and need flexible designed one layer or multi layers, full use of the space.  

  er  , shelf technology;

 , shelves and function;

 1. Shelf concept. It literally refers to store goods shelf shelves. Equipment in the warehouse, shelf refers specifically to store the items of storage devices. Shelves occupy a very important position in the logistics and warehouse, with the development of modern industry, significant increase in volume, to realize the modernization of warehouse management, improve the functioning of the warehouse, shelves requires not only quantity, but also multifunctional and mechanization and automation requirements.  

 2. Role and function of shelf. Shelves in the modern logistics activities, plays a very important role in modernization of warehouse management, types, functions have a direct relationship with the shelf.  

shelf-role and function are as follows:  

  (1) shelf was a frame structure, can make full use of storage space, improve storage utilization, expansion of warehouse capacity.  

  (2) into the shelf goods, squeezing each other, material loss, fully supplies itself functionality, reducing cargo losses.  

  (3) goods in shelves, easy to access, easy to inventory and metering can be achieved first in, first out.  

  (4) ensure the quality of stored goods, may take such measures as dampproof, dustproof, theft, tampering, and to improve the quality of material storage.  

  (5) many new types of rack structure and function contribute to the mechanisation and automation of the warehouse management.  

second classification  , shelves;

 1. Divided by the rack:  

 1) traditional rack. Including: layers, layers form shelves, shelves, cabinets and drawer type shelve, u-shaped racks, cantilever racks, racks, saddle rack special shelf for steel tube frame, tires, gas tank, and so on.  

 2) new shelves. Includes: rotating shelves, mobile shelves, Assembly racks, adjustable shelving, pallet racking, car rack, rack, attic type shelve, gravity,  , Ping-hung shelf shelves and so on.  

2. The applicability by the rack:  

 1) universal shelf;  

 2) dedicated rack  

3. Shelf material:  

 1) steel shelves;  ( 

 2) reinforced concrete goods:  

 3) of steel-reinforced concrete mixed on shelves;  

 4) wooden shelves;  

 5) steel and wood shelves and so on.  

4. Closed by the rack level:  

 1) open shelves;  

 2) semi-enclosed shelves   ( 

 3) enclosed shelves and so on.  

5. Structural characteristics:  



 3) cabinet frame  

 4) drawer frames;  

 5) cantilever rack;  

 6) tripod;  

 7), grid type, and so on.  

6. Mobility by the rack:  

 1) fixed shelf;  

 2) portable shelve;  

 3) rotating shelves;  

 4) combination shelves;  

 5) Adjustable shelf;  

 6) movement storage shelves and so on.  

7. By the rack structure:  

 1) overall structure: shelves directly support a warehouse roof and surrounding points;  

 2)-separate structure: shelves and the building is divided into two separate systems.  

8. By shelves laden:  

 1) cantilever shelves;  

 2) Cabinet rack;  

 3) shed plate shelf.  

9. Constructed by the rack:  

 1) combination of removable shelves;  

 2) fixed shelf. Which are divided into modular shelving, racking, flow rack,-drive-in rack.  

10. Shelf height:  

 1) lower rack: height 5 m;  

 2) Middle shelf: at an altitude of 5-15 m;  

 3) rack: height of 15 meters or more.  

11. Rack weight:  

 1) heavy duty shelves: shelf load capacity 500 kg;  

 2) medium shelf: shelf (or shelf) load 150-500 kg;  

 3) light shelves: shelf load capacity 150 kg.  

third, shelves of  

  retail store shelf display of fast moving consumer goods industry supply chain end table, but in essence they are supply chain leadership by the chain's core enterprise shifting to consumers

Chairman of the China communications and Transportation Association, the Ministry of former Minister Qian Yongchang thinks, the logistics industry is socialization, formalization, specialization, standardization of information and direction, mature logistics industry signs are including logistics, FMCG logistics are formed, and only do meticulous precision designed to form the core competitiveness of logistics enterprises. He said: "my personal impression, formed the earliest consumer goods logistics, in the whole logistics also mature earlier. " 

Qian Yongchang was held on July 17 in Shenzhen China FMCG logistics and supply chain management forum made the above remarks. This forum is the global supply chain, magazine and the China communications and Transportation Association jointly organized, from domestic and foreign well-known enterprises in fast moving consumer goods industry, nearly 80 managers attended a 1-day meeting, fast moving consumer goods industry logistics operations and supply chain management and other aspects of cutting-edge topic in depth.  

today, the terminal of fast moving consumer goods industry supply chain, such as Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Lianhua, 7-11 on the store shelves. Here, blue waves and tide of par price, Yen Ching Restaurant and Tsingtao beer competition for the best locations, slek Shampoo Conditioner today tomorrow, there are always new brand reminds you to keep trying to also arrange all kinds of tastes almost the same custard pie, trans-national and local brands are fierce fight confusion on the shelf. Procter and Gamble said Lv Xin, China company customer business development manager, retail in-store shelves and display supply chain performance.  

shelf behind the surface, is the cost of competition. Reduce cost, lower cost is required daily. Competition on the shelves even has spread to this invisible background warehouse shelves. Kraft's national warehousing/transportation Manager Shu Xun macro 6 questions to ask yourself every day: what to do? How much do? When to do it? Where do? Where to put? So seriously, the purpose is for that is both transparent and hidden costs. He collects every aspect of a storage of data, mathematical models, analysis of today, tomorrow and then analyze, analysis next month.  

However, logistics managers will be asked the question: why our inventory is higher than competitors? Why the freshness of our products on the shelves are worse than others? Idea consult Hu Min, General Manager of the company and bring back a data: last year, China's retail sales report showed that withdraw goods rate of 10% on the shelves. Withdraw goods product lost sales opportunities, thus, sales of the industry as a whole lost 10%. To ensure timely supply, meet the requirements of freshness, stock higher, more difficult. How to meet customer needs and continue to reduce costs, the balance required to be contrary to, the enterprise has been conscious of the need to improve operational efficiency throughout the supply chain.  

in fact, the supply chain the power has shifted to the consumer by the chain's core enterprise, chain retailers, distributors, manufacturers are closely changes on the shelves. As a fast moving consumer goods firms, you are still using the traditional supply chain management if you are away from the final consumer of the supply chain members, you will be unable to deliver their demand to the end user to provide products they purchase, and that means failure.  

g remind enterprises, from another perspective, the supply chain has to demand-chain evolution, enterprises should establish a consumer demand-based and rapid response capacity of the system. Procter and Gamble has in the efficient consumer response (ECR), and ECR means "instant + correct + no paper," information flow continuously matches the needs of the logistics and circulation enterprises with business partners in the supply chain collaboration.  

Hu Min Tong Chen, Director of supply chain management company, and Shanghai also set out the same prescriptions based on demand. Chen said that Tsingtao beer made at Stateline in supply chain transformation case, its focus lies in customer orders. Hu Min prescription is very practical, if you want to have a rapid response capability to make efforts in four, first, strengthening the systems management; the second is proper preparation of inventory of resources, fast moving consumer goods firms is not a very small production, it is impossible to achieve mass production; thirdly, coordinated planning and effective communication, planning of the Organization, setting the functions of each organization. Both production, inventory, logistics and sales, taking into account their respective interests are a kind of instinct, truly communicate together very complex, most companies don't have the ability also needs two real plans FMCG manufacturing enterprise, demand planning and communication plan, weekly meetings and the monthly meeting of the balance between supply and demand is a very good tool. If your sales forecast on a monthly plan, can't keep up with market trends.  

is the wave of the future, fast moving consumer goods industry extends to the home terminal of the supply chain from the shelves, "consumer's home is the starting point of the supply chain." Lv Xin to paint a "future house" scenes of life. Household appliances on the computers needed to take control of your life in real time, washing powders is gone, at the finish of coke in the fridge, automatic ordering system has to arrange everything for you, this virtual demand chain is like opening the tap is quick and easy. From the entire supply chain of the future that you drink Coke launched shelf dispute today will turn to your home refrigerator debate tomorrow.  

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