6 large storage shelf management control tools


  where the warehouse is the most basic working capital goods, is the whole infrastructure of the logistics industry. Warehouse management relates to the process if the process is successful.

     warehouse management system should have the following controls:

1. goods store

     material custody should, in principle, to material properties, characteristics and uses to plan, set up a warehouse and warehouse conditions considering the zoning area. where a floor to ceiling stacked high capacity, volume small store with shelves. floor to ceiling stacked to the classifications and specifications the order number, classification, fourth position number for the last.

2. the scientific and rational stack of goods

     principles of material piled up is: stacking reasonable, safe, and reliable premise, piled up a 55, according to the characteristics of the goods, must be read, check, into the column, emissions in order.

3. warehouse staff should be clear responsibilities

     warehouse tube member on inventory, generation custody, stay inspection material and equipment, container and tool has economic responsibility and legal responsibility, so to strongly do people the has accountability, real the has main, everything was tube. warehouse material as has loss, devaluation, scrap, disc    surplus disc lost,, warehouse tube Member should timely report Chief, analysis reasons, identified responsibility, by provides lost approval procedures, Without approval will be allowed to dispose. warehouseman shall not be sent when there is a surplus, deficit deduction when disciplinary practices.

4. to strengthen the material storage

     safe deposit material according to its nature, taking into account the storage sites and keep your common sense to strengthen custody measures, ten are not required, ensure that the property does not involve a loss of custodial responsibility. similar material piled up, taking into account the FIFO, convenient delivery, leave room to maneuver.

5. strict examination and approval and from warehouse items

     safe deposit material, without the parent's consent, are prohibited from unauthorized lending. Assembly material, will be allowed to remove zero, exceptional circumstances shall be approved by the supervisor.

6. ensure safety of warehouse

     warehouse to strictly defend the system, prohibition of the library personnel unauthorized storage. warehouse is strictly prohibited Fireworks, hot work be approved by the Security Department. warehouse workers must know how to use the fire-fighting equipment and to acquire the necessary knowledge of fire safety.

     science suitable warehouse management, ensure the integrity of supplies of goods, guarantee the smooth holding of the cargo.

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