Automated warehouse

    automation technology in the storage area (including warehousing) can be divided into five stages of development: the storage stage, storage stage of mechanization, automation, storage stage, the integrated warehousing and intelligent automated storage phase. Several years in the late 90 's and 21st century intelligent automatic storage will be the main direction of automation technology.

first phase material conveying, storage, management and control by artificial realization, actually and visibility are obvious advantages. Artificial storage in economic indicators also have the advantage of the initial equipment investment.  

the second phase

items can be through a variety of mass transfer, industrial carriers, manipulators, cranes, stackers and lift to moving and handling, shelf tray and removable shelf items are stored, by manual operation the machine access device with limit switch, spiral mechanical brake and mechanical monitors operation of control equipment. Mechanized meets the speed, precision, height, weight, repeated access and handling requirements.  

phase III

automated storage technologies, automation of warehouse technology and played an important role in promoting development. &Nbsp;50 and in the late 60 's, have been developed and used by the automatic guided vehicle (AVG), automated storage and automatic access to robots, automatic identification and sorting systems. 70 's and 80 's, Rotary style shelves, mobile shelving, tunnel-type stacker and other handling equipment have joined the ranks of automatic control, but then only partially automated and separate each of these devices, known as "islands of automation". With computer of development, work focus steering material of control and management, requirements real-time, coordination and integration, computer Zhijian, and data acquisition points Zhijian, and mechanical equipment of controller Zhijian and they and main computer Zhijian of communications can timely to summary information, warehouse computer timely to records orders and arrival time, displayed inventory volume, plans personnel can convenient to made supply decision, they know is production what, and set what goods, and what time sent what goods, and management personnel at any time master supply and the needs. Application of information technology has become the pillars of storage technology.  

fourth stage

integrated and automated warehousing technology, in the late 70 's and 80 's, automation technology is increasingly being used to the field of production and distribution, it is clear that "islands of automation" need to be integrated, so they formed the "integrated system" concept. In integrated systems, organic collaboration throughout the system, the overall benefits of part and production ability that far exceeds the sum of the separate benefit.  

integrated storage technologies as computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMS-Computer Integrated Manufacturing System), materials storage Center of people's attention.   People have noticed that the system integration in the 80 's, but so far in the integrated storage system have been built not more.   Integrated systems including people, equipment and control systems, the aforementioned three stages are based.  

the early 70 's, began to study the use of tunnel-type stacker warehouse.  

in 1980, developed by the Beijing Institute of machinery and industrial automation units, such as automated warehouse in Beijing built the first automobile put into production. (Will take photos of automated warehouses) from then on, the warehouse has been a rapid development in China. According to incomplete statistics, at present, China has built warehouse nearly 300, including automatic stereoscopic warehouse of more than more than 30. Automated warehouse technology in China has been achieving integration with other information systems, intelligent control and fuzzy control of work being done.  

fifth stage

intelligent automatic storage technology, artificial intelligence development of automation technology, artificial intelligence automation technology to the more advanced stages of development--development of intelligent automation. Now, the intelligent automatic storage technology is still in its early stages of development by 20th century intelligent storage technology has broad application prospects.  

classification mode

1. According to architectural form is divided into and separated.  

2. Shelf-goods access form is divided into units, mobile shelves and shelves chosen.  

3. Structure is divided into cells by the rack shelves, through-type, horizontal circulation and vertical circulation warehouse.  

4. The role of liquidity into productive warehouse and warehouse.  

5. Closely connected with the production of automated warehouse into independent, half-close and close warehouses.  

main components


automatic warehouse mainly from cargo access, storage agencies, transportation equipment and control device consists of four parts.  

access to goods

in automated warehouse, storing part number a number of top shelf, as required. Each called a tunnel between the two shelves, tunnels equipped with Stacker. It can move in the horizontal direction on the track, or in its own column in a vertical move in order to complete the access of goods. In order to meet the three-dimensional access requires safe and accurate operation and remote control; in order to adapt to a variety of load characteristics and different stocks of goods, requested access machines are of various sizes and configurations. Access machines have a variety of different speeds, depending on the system throughput per unit of time.  

storage bodies

also known as the rack system. From a structural point of view, there are two different shelves: a shelf with no link building independently built inside the building. This shelf can be dismantled, flexible, suitable for highly automated warehouse not high; the other is shelves connected with buildings, which in addition to storage outside, is still used as the supporting wall or roof of a building, becoming part of a building, often referred to the whole structure. This shelf short building cycle, low cost, suitable for high automation of the warehouse.  

conveying equipment

usually refers to access of goods operations beyond the scope of conveying equipment, goods to be accessed and linked to other long distance transport units. Many types of transportation equipment, mainly based on amount of jobs, goods type and selected operations with the situation. Transportation equipment are commonly used forklifts, guide rail, ground mobility vehicle, shuttle bus and roller chain conveyor.  

control device

controls all warehouse automation equipment organically linked together to make it according to the procedures and requirements for action, formation of an automatic control system. More advanced control devices tend to use several small computer, take control. The classification of computer control system for real-time processing of information quickly. When an operation is not interrupted when the computer failed. Ease of testing, inspection and maintenance of the entire system. Computers also orders to the warehouse and send, warehouse stocks, storage operations management provides information for warehouse workers, work methods, work organization, control and supervision.   Main problems in automated warehouse is to reduce production costs and raise the level of automation, save energy, reduce pollution, and increase economic efficiency.  

main advantages

1, automatic warehouse can save labor, save covers. Due to the automated storage and retrieval of used computers and other advanced controls, efficient roadway stacker cranes, warehouse production efficiency has been greatly increased, often a big warehouse just a few staff members, saves a lot of labor. Meanwhile, warehouse labor are greatly reduced, working conditions were improved. Top shelf can reasonably use of automated warehouse space, increased number of stored goods per unit land area. On the same land area, building automation construction of warehouses than ordinary warehouse storage capacities of up to several times, or even more than 10 times. In the case of the same stock, automated storage and saves a lot of land.  

2, automated storage and warehousing jobs quickly, accurately and shorten the operating time. Modern circulation of commodities requires fast, accurate. Automated warehouses thanks to advanced control tools and machinery, with the fastest speed, shortest distance access goods, goods storage time is considerably shortened. Meanwhile, warehouse operation with high accuracy, warehouse and delivery units, users can have the opportunity to coordinate, which is conducive to shorten the time of circulation.  

3, the level of warehouse management. Computer controlled automated warehouses over the small ordinary manual management of complex accounting methods, warehouse account management as well as a large number through computer data storage, need at any time, at any time to bring up, accurate, and convenient for intelligence analysis. Quantity from inventory, automated warehouse inventory control can be the most economical level, in the case of completing the same commodity turnover, automated warehouse inventory can be minimal.  

4, automated warehouses to the safekeeping of goods. Automated warehouses, store goods, large quantity, species diversity. As a result of rack-system-tray, in pallets or containers of goods, material handling safety, avoiding damaged packaging, bulk packages of goods and so on. Automated warehouse has good sealing performance, adjust the temperature in the library, do well in the safekeeping of goods provide good conditions of conservation. In automated warehouse is equipped with warning devices and drainage systems, the warehouse can prevent and extinguish fire in a timely manner.  

conditions of use


automated warehouse General warehouse incomparable advantages. But to set up and use automated warehouses requires certain conditions.  

1, goods storage to frequent and balanced.

automated warehouse has the characteristics of jobs quickly, accurately, and General warehousing goods frequently use more appropriate automated warehouse, or automated features mentioned above cannot be fully reflected. Automated storage and retrieval requires a balanced job, warehousing frequency not fluctuated. Or operational pause for too long or when times are not conducive to automatic warehouse play their desired effects. It should be noted that factors affecting the degree of operational frequency and balance is not in the warehouse itself is mainly dominated sectors of domestic inventory, supply and use. Therefore, the establishment and use of automated warehousing must be fully prepared.  

2, in order to meet some specific requirements for the construction of the warehouse.

Automation of warehouse construction than the common warehouse design and construction requires special, using rack, warehouse floor load capacity several times greater than the normal warehouse. The floor to be built considerable pressure, it is necessary to take into account geological conditions of the library address. Automated warehouse for automatic operation, automatic stacking crane in roadway access boxes from the shelves and trays, has strict requirements for rack dimensions to ensure job fit. Aisle stacking crane forward and back, up and down, very strict with horizontal and vertical deviation. Seen from the stored goods, the specifications require the external shape does not change much. All of these requirements at design time must be fully taken into account, would not be able to ensure the normal warehouse.  

3, a one-time investment.

construction of a one-time investment of large automated warehouse, automated warehouse building not only to consume large amounts of steel and other materials and equipment costs are high. Therefore, in order to build automated warehouses must give serious consideration to funding, as well as materials and equipment supply.  

4, automated storage and the need for a professional team.

automated warehouse is a warehouse technology, from construction to use requires a professional team. Automated warehouse design, materials, capital budgets, and analysis of the production economic activity forecast, a lot of Foundation work must be completed before the building. Installation from the computer, warehouse operating procedures development, debugging and operation as well as after a failure of exclusion, knowledge of computer expertise required. Others, such as machinery and equipment management and maintenance also need technical talent.

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