Structure features of various racking systems

1. shelf rack.

shelf rack usually for manual access mode, assembly-type structure, uniform spacing can be adjusted, the goods are often not very heavy parts or packaged items (for manual access), height of the shelve is generally below 2.5M, or artificial reach (such as auxiliary to climb can be set in 3M). The unit shelve span (length) should not be too long, unit rack depth (width) should not be too dark, press the unit shelve the loading capacity of each layer can be divided into light, medium and heavy shelf rack, laminates are mainly for steel plates, wood laminate two kinds.  

(1) light shelf rack:

units per layer shelf load capacity is not more than 300kg, the total load is not more than 5000kg. The unit shelve span is usually less than 2m, depth is not more than 1M (0.6m), high 4.5M, p, common for c-shaped steel column-beam storage racks, the appearance of lightweight, beautiful, easy to adjust, service life of 20 years. Mainly suitable for storing light and small items.  Less money, are widely used in industries such as electronics, light industry, culture and education.

(2) medium shelf rack:

units per layer shelf load should generally be between 200~1000kg, the total bearing capacity is not more than 5000kg. The unit shelve span is usually less than 2.6m, depth is not greater than 1M, generally in less than 3M. If unit shelf span in 2m within, layer contains in 500kg within, usually selected no beam type medium put plate shelf more suitable; if unit shelf span in 2m above, is General only selected has beam type medium common of for c steel type column, and p type beam shelf structure, layer spacing can adjustable room more big, more solid, and beautiful, and environment of coordination sex better, more for some clean degrees requirements high of warehouse; has beam type medium put plate shelf is industrialization features strong some, more applies Yu store metal structure products.  Medium shelf rack is widely applied in many fields.

(3) heavy duty shelf rack:

units per layer shelf load is usually between 500~4000kg, the unit shelve span, generally within 3M, 1.2m deep, height limitation, and is usually combined with the heavy-duty tray type shelve, coexist, several terraces to put plate, manual access operation, height in the 2m part is usually the tray type shelve, access using a forklift operation. Which needs zhengtuo is mainly used for access and zero-saving zero takes in a large warehouse-style supermarkets and Logistics Centre was seen.

2. tray type shelve  

tray type shelve, also commonly known as racking, or shelf, rack, usually racking, storage shelf system is the most common in the country. First must for set loaded unit of work, is goods packaging and weight, characteristics for group disc, determine tray of type, and specifications, and size, and ask only the contains weight and heap high (ask only the goods weight General in 2000kg within), then which determine unit shelf of span, and depth, and layer spacing, according to warehouse roof trusses Xia along of effective height and forklift of maximum fork high decided shelf of height. The unit shelve span, generally within 4m, 1.5M deep, low, high warehouse racking height in 12m, ultra high storage shelves height within 30m (this kind of warehouse is automated warehouse and shelves total height consists of several 12m columns). Such warehouses, mostly in the low, high warehouse before moving type storage battery forklift truck, balance storage battery forklift truck, forklift, three to access jobs, a lower shelf can also be used when the electric stacker, super high access by stacker warehouse operation. This kind of shelve systematic space utilization high, flexible and convenient access, supplemented by computer management or control, and can basically meet the requirements of a modern logistics system. Widely used in fields such as manufacturing, logistics and distribution center, both applied to producing small quantities of goods, also suitable for large quantities and few varieties goods. This kind of shelve of most high warehouse and application of ultra high storage (automatic warehouse shelves are mostly used in this kind of shelve).

3. drive-in rack

drive-in rack-also known as corridor racks, drive-in racking.

shelf configuration on this system-intensive space utilization ratio is extremely high, almost twice times the tray type shelve, but must be large quantities and few varieties goods, goods have been advanced. Set the first unit of work, determine the specifications, the load of the tray and pile high. Determine the unit shelve span, depth, spacing, according to the roof trusses along height determine the height of the shelves. By wall regional of shelf total depth best control in 6 a tray depth within, Middle regional can on both sides access of shelf regional total depth best control in 12 a tray depth within, to improve forklift access of efficiency and reliability (this class shelf system in the, forklift for continued "banner high playing" job way, forklift easy shaking and hit shelf, so stability of consider full or not vital). Stability of this type of storage system is weak, the shelve should not be too high, should normally be controlled within 10m, and in order to strengthen the stability of the whole system, apart from the specifications, the selection was great, and also subject to the securing devices. Ask only the goods should not be too big, too heavy, usually weight control in 1500kg, the pallets span should not be greater than 1.5M. Often before moving type storage battery forklift truck or forklift truck balance storage battery forklift truck. Used for dairy products, beverages, food industry, freezer is more common.

4. gravity rack

gravity type shelf by tray type shelf evolution and into, used Roller Type track or end of round type tray, track is must slope (3 ° around), using goods of weight, achieved goods of advanced first out, side into another side out, applies Yu large volume, and similar goods of advanced first out storage job, space utilization is high, especially applies Yu has must warranty period, and should not be long-term backlog of goods. Total depth of the shelf (the Guide length) should not be too large, do not use the up and down "dead" will be larger, space utilization, and the ramp is too long, and controllability of the decline may be slow, downward momentum is large, easy slide jam, block, tilting of the pallet. Falling to make smooth, such as a long ramp, you should add damping device in the Middle, for the pallet fell to the bottom without tipping due to impact too much, should be at the bottom of the ramp buffer device and fetch goods separate device, so difficult to design, manufacture, installation, and higher costs. This kind of shelve should not be too high, generally within 6m, ask only the weight of the goods is generally within 1000kg, its reliability and maneuverability is reduced. This kind of shelve of systems currently used in China is not very great.

5. Press-shelf- 

pressure into type shelf also by tray type shelf evolution and into, used track and tray car phase combined of principle, track is must of slope (3 ° around), using goods of weight, achieved tray goods of advanced Hou out, with side into same side out, applies Yu large volume less varieties of goods storage, space utilization is high, access also more flexible convenient. Total depth of shelves should not be too deep, generally within 5 tray depth, or due to the embedded tray car and will make the space larger sacrifice. Ask only the weight of the goods is generally within 1500kg, height of the shelve is generally within 6m. Such systems requires high shelves manufacturing precision, the cooperation among tray car and guide are particularly important, such as manufacturing, installation accuracy is not high, can easily lead to poor runs shelf system. This kind of shelve of fabrication costs are high in the country has a certain degree of application.

6. the mezzanine

loft type shelf system is in has some work site or shelf Shang built a middle loft, to increased storage space, can do two or three layer loft, should be access some light bubble and the small pieces goods, for more varieties big bulk or more varieties small bulk goods, artificial access goods, goods usually by forklift, and hydraulic lifting Taiwan or freight elevator sent to II floor, and three floor, again by light car or hydraulic tray car sent to a a location. Such systems typically use medium shelf rack or heavy shelf rack and floor panels to prop up as a subject (based on total tonnage to decide which shelf the shelf), the floor panels are usually selected cold-rolled section steel floor, pattern steel floor or steel grid floor. In recent years, the use of more cold-rolled section steel floor, it has a strong bearing capacity, good integrity, load uniformity, high precision, smooth surface, easy to lock and other advantages, there are many types available, and easy to match lighting system, access, management is more convenient for them. Usually less than 500kg units per layer shelf load capacity, floor space is usually 2.2m~2.7m, top shelf height is around 2m, fully into account human-machine operation convenience. This type of system in the area of auto parts, automobile 4S shop, light industry, electronics and other industries have more applications.

7. steel structure Garret platform

steel platforms are usually in the attic of the existing workshop (warehouse) site to build a two-layer or three-layer-assembled steel platform, will use the space consists of one tier and two-tier, three-tier, make full use of space. Goods by forklift or lift the freight elevator on the second floor, third floor, and then transported by car or hydraulic pallet truck to a specified location. This platform as compared to reinforced concrete platform, fast construction, moderate cost, easy to install easy to dismantle and can be easily used, novel structure and beautiful. The platform columns spacing usually at 4~6m or less, high 3M on the first floor, around two or three-storey 2.5 m, columns usually square or round tubes, main and secondary beams are usually made from h, floor panel usually adopts cold-rolled section steel floor, pattern steel floor, steel grilles, floor load is usually less than 1000kg per square meter. Such platforms storage and management could be the closest combination, upstairs or downstairs for the Treasury Office. This kind of system for third-party logistics, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

8. the cantilever racking

cantilever rack is mainly used for storing long goods, such as steel pipe, sheet metal, wire and cable, column with h-section steel cold rolled steel or cantilever square tubes and cold-rolled section steel or h section steel, cantilever and post using a cradled or bolt, bolted between the base and the column-base using the cold-rolled section steel or h section steel. Access of goods by truck, driving, or manually. Shelf height is usually 2.5 meters (such as the forklift access goods can be up to 6 m) cantilever within 1.5 meters in length and arm load is usually less than 1000kg. This kind of shelve is used for mechanical manufacturing industry and construction materials supermarkets. &Nbsp;9. the flowing type shelve the flowing type shelve usually consists of medium sized Crossbeam type shelve evolved, shelf beams before and after each layer between roller type aluminum alloy or metal flow, is a certain slope (about 3 °). Usually paper packaging of goods or goods in plastic crates, using its weight to achieve the flow of goods and FIFO, the goods delivered by car, manual access, easy to access, usually less than 1000kg units per layer shelf load capacity, shelf height 2.5 m. Suitable for Assembly on both sides of the picking process conversion, distribution centers and other places that can be fitted with electronic tags to achieve informatization management of goods.

10. die rack

mold rack by the heavy-duty tray type shelve evolved, usually used to store mold, such as weight, and no suitable forklift is available on site. Combination Assembly, bolt type shelve structure, height of the shelve is generally below 2.5M, in addition to top-level layers are designed as drawer structure, safe, reliable, and can easily take 2000kg/of goods, supplemented by road or bottle gourd hanging easy cargo access operations. This kind of shelve is used primarily to hold the molds and other special places.

11. through the shelf

through the shelf mainly used in automated warehouses. This kind of shelve of systems used by the pallet load capacity, rigidity, such as pallet load very small can cancel Crossbeam, or less of goods without beams, plastic boxes above bracket directly from the stack machine automatic access to cargo operations. Mainly used in tobacco, electronics, machine-building and other industries.

12. portable shelve (intensive file shelf)

mild to moderate mobile rack (also known as shelves) by light and medium shelf rack evolved, intensive type structure, only one aisle (around 1M), good sealing performance, aesthetic and practical, safe and reliable, is one of the highest shelf space utilization, both manual and electric types. Guide rails can be installed embedded in the ground or above the ground, runs shelf base along the rail, shelf mounted on a base, by chain drive system makes it easy for every row of shelves, move smoothly, divided into manual and electric, manual access of the goods. To make runs shelf is not dumping, usually equipped with anti-tip device. Mainly used for archives, libraries, banks, business library, electronic industry, light industry and so on. Heavy-duty portable shelve by the heavy-duty tray type shelve evolved, exposed structures, each two rows of shelves above the base, base equipped with wheel, run along the track, motor and gear reducer is installed in the chassis, alarms, sensors, and so on. The system only needs to set up one or two channels, very high space utilization. Structure is similar to mild to moderate mobile rack, except that the heavy-duty portable shelve must be electric, goods by forklift zhengtuo access, channels are usually around 3M, mainly used in some warehouse space is not very big place, requirements to maximize use of space, for machinery manufacturing and other industries.

13. the rotating type shelve

rotating rack-horizontal and vertical rotating two are comparatively special shelve, require a higher degree of automation, high tightness requirements, suitable for light goods small and expensive, high security requirements. Single shelf systems smaller, single control, independence, would be equal to a certain power equipment to look at. This kind of shelve of fabrication costs are high, mainly used for storing valuables such as knives and other places. Industries, applications, storage, environmental cleanliness, temperature, and many other factors are different, determine the difference of racking system, just like to briefly highlight some of the more common type of preliminary shelf system. Common combinations of these racking system assembling light steel structure surface for electrostatic spray processing. With the rapid development of logistics equipment industry, believe shelf system, precision, high technology content, structure more optimized, more complete and more widely, it will assume an important role for the development of logistics industry in China.

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