On the design of storage shelves that pull

storage shelf design:  

   design based on mainly in terms of storage shelves the shelves, force analysis and calculation of warehouse shelf is the focus of this technology. Its design basis from the following several aspects:

  1. live load: the use of live load and weight of pallets of goods on warehouse shelves, as well as roof snow (rain) members.

  2. the force constant load: constant load storage shelf structure weight, connection c section and fangjia, purlins, fangjia, roof panel, wall panel weights.

  3. the vertical impact load: stackers to store goods produced by impact load.

  4. wind: is an integral force calculation of warehouse point. In General, overall investors is based on rational and efficient use of warehouse space, so the overall height of the warehouse high aspect ratio: l (height) =1.5--2W (width), so that the warehouse under wind loads security is one of the most important indicators. Effect of wind load on the storage shelf column calculation will be done through the steel load calculation software, but using force simulation and calculation review.

  5. seismic intensity: according to GBJ11-89 the implementation of the code for seismic design of buildings, and generally the seismic cracking intensity level is level 7.

   rack structure above the most adverse combination of load effects. When designing a monolithic storage shelves of warehouse structure, with particular attention to the following two of the most unfavorable load combination: wind loads on work of library under the condition of stress; all libraries loaded under horizontal earthquake action force. In addition, warehouse distribution should be fully taken into account, warehouse side loaded, unloaded on the other side when warehouse based on stress analysis. Shelf design despite the store warehouse distribution theory has stated in the instructions for use of the goods in the warehouse distribution of stored in a warehouse as evenly as possible, but in the design we have to consider the worst possible.

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