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Storage cages

Storage cages

item no: storage cage

categories: material handling equipment  


folding design, simple and safe operation, do not take up space, wide application range, long life, strong steel spot welding, storage at a glance and easy to inventory and layered a small release can be separate storage, avoid positions of trouble. Use push up the machine, lift can be stacked four storeys high. Can be folded when not only 20% of the original space used to use.

mesh box: made of high quality steel and is formed by cold work hardening weld, high strength, large load capacity.    Folding structures, loading and unloading, working capital, storage is very convenient.    Zinc plated, aesthetics, anti-oxidation, long-term use.    International standard can be used with the container.    Can set pieces, instead of warehouse use.    Health and immunization, working capital, storage, and recovery does not pollute the environment.   Is the replacement of wooden crates.

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