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item no: xb007

category: cantilever rack  

details:    features: cantilever rack is mainly composed of column, cantilever, connectors, and other components. Applies to stored long pole and he was unable to use a pallet container materials, widely used in machining, wire cables and building materials supermarket industry suitable for storing long materials and irregular cargo. Cantilevers can be divided into light, medium weight and weight of three series of cantilevered shelves.  

a,, and column tablets: by column and base composition, column by two tablets cold rolled c type profile surface-face welding and into, this structure according to steel design theory, full using has material of anti-contains capacity, has weight light, hosted force strong, cost low of features, more economic, and beautiful, is abroad more general of a structure form, column Shang rushed has double row hole, hole section from for 70/140 (50/100) mm, so hanging arm beam hanging Yu its Shang can to 70/140 (50/ 100) mm for the unit to adjust the height of each layer;  

b cantilever beam: column and cantilever welded together, beam rods with two special cold rolled high hold c-channel steel welding, this structure has a light weight, strong bearing capacity, low cost characteristics. Columns and column connection card is equipped with a specially designed PIN.  

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