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Supermarket 017

Supermarket 017

item no: 017 supermarket

category: supermarket rack  


the supermarket shelves:

       supermarket shelves can be divided into heavy, medium, light and supermarket facilities the supermarket shelves, rich, shelf margin adjusted. Triangle arm and force structure is more reasonable and main frame connection and shelf stability higher, save raw materials. To meet the needs of various grades of supermarket.


normal size:

L900*W450*H1600         single

L900*W900*H1600         double sided

L1200*W450*H1800        single

L1200*W900*H1800       double sided



overall can be divided into two types. (A), the screen rack, single and double sided. (B): single and double sided, luxury back board shelf. (C) rear hole rack, single and double sided. The main places intended for the supermarket shelves. Hierarchy according to the product, the product has the effect  

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